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Using a CPAP machine to help sleep properly at night is no small matter. Regardless of which mask you prefer, you still have to strap it to your face so it doesn't fall off in your sleep.  If it starts to slide off even a little bit you will wake up to a loud hissing [...]

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If Stephen Marsh has his way, 2016 might be the last year you have to rely on a big ole clunky CPAP unit to control your Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  That's because 2017 is the year Marsh, and his Massachusetts-based startup Airing LLC, expect to receive FDA approval and begin shipping the world's first hoseless, maskless micro-CPAP. [...]

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It's time for a long-overdue shout-out to someone directly responsible for this site, and more importantly my day-to-day well-being.  Yes, I'm talking about Angie Cummings. Not only is Angie one of the nicest people you are likely to meet, she's also a Respiratory Technician and founder of Sussex Sleep Clinic in Sussex, NB. It's from her [...]

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When reading about sleep apnea, scientifically referred to as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), CPAP therapy is often mentioned somewhere on the page. Although acronyms are splendid in shortening lengthy names, they often leave much to the imagination as to what they stand for. So, what is CPAP, and how is it relevant to sleep apnea? [...]


If you have read our article on CPAP, consulted your doctor, and determined that CPAP therapy can help alleviate your sleep apnea, then you’ll need to spend some time shopping for the right CPAP machine. How does it work?  We found this great short video that explains perfectly how a CPAP unit helps a sleep [...]

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CPAP masks are a crucial component in CPAP therapy; they administer the pressurized air into the respiratory tract, allowing airflow and relieving apnea symptoms. An ill-fitting mask however, can not only be incapable of doing its job, but cause discomfort as well. That is why it is essential to spend time upfront to poke around [...]

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People who suffer from sleep apnea are, in most cases, loud snorers. But is their snoring a result of the sleep apnea or just another condition caused by similar factors (weight, smoking, drinking)? Do all snorers have sleep apnea? And are they too at risk for sleep apnea health-related problems?    Are snoring and sleep [...]

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a serious medical condition, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a little fun with it. Life is short… So here it is! 7 signs you might have sleep apnea. Enjoy! (Oh and if you’re looking for something a little more serious, check out my post on Sleep Apnea Symptoms) [...]

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Sleep apnea is a condition in which a person's natural breathing is interrupted repeatedly throughout the sleep session. The most common type of sleep apnea is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), caused when the muscles in the back of the throat become too relaxed and block air from getting through. These pauses can last up to [...]

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Almost 45% of adults snore occasionally during the night. However, if the snoring is accompanied by breathlessness, frequent awakenings and daytime sleepiness and fatigue you might be suffering from a chronic condition known as sleep apnea.  If you think the only way to manage this condition is with surgery or by wearing a bulky CPAP [...]