About Us


My Nightly Routine

See that guy?  That’s me, Stephen! I’ve been living with Obstructive Sleep Apnea for about 10 years now. Many of those years were not kind to me.  I used to think that the reason I was sluggish and would literally fall asleep at my desk was from the shift work I was working.  Obviously that didn’t help, but the real reason I felt so bad was because my body simply wasn’t getting the rest that it required to function properly.

Even when I had the home test for sleep apnea, I still didn’t really believe it.  The numbers on a chart don’t really hit home.  It wasn’t until I downloaded a sleep test app for my iPhone and was able to hear for myself when I would gasp for breath.  This happened repeatedly through the night, and quite honestly was horrible to listen to!  It finally began to sink in that I needed to do something.  After a few attempts with different CPAP machines, styles of masks, and respiratory therapists I found the right combination!  Now my sleep is better than ever!

I created this site to help anyone who might have sleep apnea, or know someone who does.  When doing my own research I felt that too many sites were all about statistics and products.  I wanted to put a face to this very real problem.  It’s not a pretty face… but it’s a face!  🙂

I hope that you find this information helpful.